Cherub Themes & Pie Menus for Blender 3.0+

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Cherub Themes & Pie Menus for Blender 3.0+


This pack contains 3 high contrast RGB themes for Blender 3.0+ devoted to reduce eye strain and improve visibility for all the most common tools. If you're just a late night worker or a fellow 3D artist, this is the perfect UI setup for you! Pick your flavor: RED , GREEN , BLUE

You can also get Luis Cherubini's basic setup & hotkeys Addon (+ 9 Pie Menus) including:

  • UVs
  • Shading / Normals
  • Pivot & Orientation
  • Save 
  • Delete
  • Specials
  • Modifiers
  • Selection
  • Proportional Editing

Contains in-Addon purchases* Code maintained by authors own discretion.

I want this!
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